HandiKeeper – An Australian Social Golf Handicap Recording System

HandiKeeper was developed to allow Australian golfers of all levels to keep track of their handicaps.

HandiKeeper is aimed mainly at social groups who keep handicaps but have no affiliation with an official club or handicap.

It can also be used by those who have an official AGU handicap however ….

HandiKeeper is not intended to replace the official GolfLink system.

Those golfers with an official AGU handicap kept by GolfLink MUST use that in all official competitions.

HandiKeeper and its developers are not liable for anyone incurring a penalty by playing off an incorrect handicap
from this system instead of their official GolfLink Handicap.

HandiKeeper does not record any personal information which is submitted to the developers automatically. Any details you submit to us via contacting us will be used for contacting you in relation to HandiKeeper or related applications only.