Australian Golf Handicap Calculator

Only available on the iPhone

HandiKeeper and HandiKeeper X use the Golf Australia handicapping system adopted in 2010 to record a social golfer’s rounds and calculate their handicaps.

HandiKeeper and HandiKeeper X do not replace GolfLink for registered Australian golfers. They are intended for the many social golf clubs out there that may have been caught out by the change to a new Australian golf handicap system in 2010.

HandiKeeper and HandiKeeper X allow you to easily record a player’s score as each round is completed and then for each golfer you can give them an instant update to their handicap.

An individual profile, including picture, can be set up for each golfer. An email can be sent to each golfer with full details of the rounds they have played and the calculated handicap.

See a few of the screenshots on the right for some of the features of this application.

So what’s the difference between HandiKeeper and HandiKeeper X?

HandiKeeper is a full featured App supporting unlimited players, unlimited courses, export data and has no advertising. All of these features are available as soon as it is downloaded.

HandiKeeper X is the “freemium” version of the App. The free App supports one player, 4 courses, does not allow exporting of data and is supplemented by advertising. If you like it and find it useful, you can upgrade right from in the App itself, unlocking all features and getting the same full featured functions as HandiKeeper.

Download HandiKeeper X now and try it out!


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